Brad Matthews

Born and raised in the countryside of Nottinghamshire, England, Brad Matthews is an acclaimed photographer, best known for his unique style and ability to portray a moody interpretation of the great outdoors. Brad's work is appreciated by many art collectors around the world.


Where It All Began

Looking back to my younger years, before I ever picked up a camera, I remember finding a great deal of comfort in the outdoors. I spent a lot of time with my Gran as a child and, growing up in the English Countryside, we would often take trips to the local woodlands in our rain coats, where we used to climb trees, look for bugs under logs and splash in puddles. It was during my formative years where I developed a sense of wonder for the great outdoors, which has never left me. That same sense of wonder is the reason I love documenting my time in the outdoors with my camera, and more importantly, sharing those experiences, and the way in which I see the world, to inspire others.

Although my Gran and I used to spend a lot of time outdoors, being immersed in nature continued at home also. My Gran had  phenomenal garden which was full of wildlife, and no matter whether it was the middle of summer or winter, we’d always find a project to do in her garden. The pond at the bottom of the garden was my favourite place, where I spent countless hours creating bug hotels and setting up bird feeders to attract wildlife. The pond was also home to lots of frogs which I remember picking up with my bare hands and examining close up. From growing tomatoes to harvesting apples and figs from the trees in her garden, being so connected to nature from an early age has given me an amazing appreciation and perspective on the world around us.

"Through my photography, I hope to bring new life to dark days and inspire people to explore the great outdoors."

Growing up in England, I had no choice but to embrace the moody weather. The deep, earthy tones associated with rainy days have heavily inspired my photography style. Even when shooting on sunny days, I like to try and recapture those moody tones. I believe an image with more contrast and depth is able to provoke more emotion and a sense of wonder.

Although the moody weather seems to have negative connotations, I always find it refreshing and even feel a greater sense of peace.  Through my photography, I hope to bring new life to dark days and inspire people to explore the great outdoors.

In recent days, I enjoy nothing more than exploring the great outdoors with my partner Izzie and our German Shepherd, Albie. Photography has allowed me connect with so many like minded people, and create meaningful relationships all over the world. I hope to connect with you too. Whether that be simply through my art, or in real life.

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